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Caught By

Bob Desgrange
4/6/2021 12:15:21 AM

Catch Details

White Crappie
East Fork Lake

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live bait minnows
10.0 in.

Catch Conditions

Mostly Cloudy
SW at 7mph


    1. Bob Desgrange 0
      how i like to fish is with no bobber start at the bottom started jigging up keep count of how many round on the reel you turn. this was in about 24 ft
    2. hunter friedhof 0
      depth please
    3. hunter friedhof 0
      using minnow are you using bobber or nah
    4. hunter friedhof 0
      i am looking to try some crappie have never tried it so i want to try something new
    5. hunter friedhof 0
      how deep are you going i am 2.5 feet below the water and can't catch anything
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