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Caught By

Asian Bucket Man
3/18/2021 4:27:31 AM

Catch Details

Lake Winnebago

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Catch Conditions

Mostly Cloudy
ENE at 8mph


    1. it's not part of the winnebago system that's why it's 5 limit lol
    2. one sauger if you find them, this includes Menasha dam
      and down stream
    3. Even though Little Butte Morte is on the Winnebago System he is correct it is still a daily limit of 5
    4. I do work. I probably pay more taxes than u 🤣🤣
    5. lol FYI boys I don't disgrace any of us cause sportsmanship consist of feeding family. search up little butte morte regs. tight lines! and for u guides I know ...more u creeping me. quit ur shiit!
    6. yw
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