A photo of Jimbo  Harwood's catch

Caught By

Jimbo Harwood
3/14/2021 5:55:48 PM

THIS PIC IS FOR MY HATERS AND MY BABY FISH!!! 😂😂😂😂 ALL RIGHT PROS!! HOW BIG IS THIS FISH?. 😁👍🎣🍻 im 6 foot by the way so im not a short guy lol.

Catch Details

Ouachita River 89-177

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Catch Conditions

SW at 7mph


    1. Thomas Davey 0
      You caught them in Michigan? Never seen such large steelies. Those will feed you for a long time. Envious angler here in Nevada.
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      So it will fill two and a half foot long subs 😋🤪
    3. Ben Ruley 0
      very nice fish
    4. Jimbo Harwood 2
      Thanks fellas! yes we got a weight and lenght. 31 1/2 inches and just over 14lbs GREAT GUESS GUYS. 👍😁🎣🍻
    5. George Horvath 1
      Big one
    6. Bryan Harper 1
      14 1/2 lb Beauty🏆🎣🍻👊
    7. b ripoer 1
      Did you get a weight on that fish I will take a guess of 13 lbs. Beautiful fish
    8. Chad Jaco 1
      Real nice one Jimbo!! I dont have a guess on the weight, but it looks like a 30 incher!
    9. Buddy Pierce 1
      real nice fish jimbo.
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