A photo of Annie Gobert's catch

Caught By

Annie Gobert
2/15/2021 2:20:00 PM

I caught this 10 lb carp using a 6 ft cast net
Got my homie holding it cause he couldn't figure out the camera

Catch Details

Common Carp
Trinity Bay

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Cat cast net

Catch Conditions

NNW at 26mph


    1. Annie Gobert 1
      Whatever it is looks like a fish
    2. George Horvath 1
      Looks like a carpsucker
    3. Nathan Morgan 1
      I should be the company head of Old Salt for the amount of money I've spent on wrecked nets buying new ones! HAHAHAHA!!
    4. Nathan Morgan 1
      looks like a Buffalo.
    5. Annie Gobert 0
      Ikr i was so stoked when I seen it. Messed up my net pretty bad but I fixed it
    6. Nathan Morgan 1
      Or Woman.. Haha. Sorry just noticed the name attached to this catch. The picture threw me off.
    7. Nathan Morgan 2
      Wow man.. that's a great catch with a cast net!
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