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Jay Johnson
1/5/2021 5:36:00 PM

Caught a few crappie on a PK Spoon tipped with a yellow Berkeley Honey Worm.

Catch Details

Lake Carlton

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10 in. in.
10 ft.

Catch Conditions

W at 5mph


    1. jim haberkost 0
      thanks Jay- I appreciate the reply- best of luck!
    2. Jay Johnson 0
      Jim, I'm not an early morning person any more. Usually don't get to the lake until about 9 or 10 am. I haven't really noticed the bite being better at ...more different times. But I have caught a few saugers in the past in the afternoon hours just before dark. But that could just be luck.
    3. jim haberkost 0
      hi Jay-I’m heading out that way to visit some friends and have finally convinced them to hit the ice with me! is this lake more of a morning bite or afternoon bite? ...more any information would be very useful as it is my first time ever on the lake.

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