A photo of Karl Carpenter 's catch

Caught By

Karl Carpenter
12/22/2020 2:11:14 AM

This was a real surprise on a medium action spinning rod and 15lb test. My personal best took almost an hour to land. We released after photos

Catch Details

Black Drum
Galveston Bay

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62 lb.

Catch Conditions

Mostly Cloudy
SE at 5mph


    1. Karl Carpenter 0
      good luck. We are going out the next 3 day flounder pounding. hopefully. But we will be blessed with whatever the good lord provides for us. lol.
    2. Dave Cook 0
      Nice fish! We are going out for black drum this weekend. Live in Edgewater Florida. Hope to get one of those
    3. Scott Sorrell 2
      Congrats on getting that landed on 15lb line...nice job

Catch Location

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