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Jesse Chavez
12/16/2020 12:48:00 PM

Had a good day to start off the 2020 yr right on a very cold day ....

Catch Details

Common Carp
Exall Lake

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Catch Conditions

NNW at 12mph


    1. Mason Young 1
      no im not saying i kill them the kayake or paddles sppok them and they go nuts. and some run under the kayak and give my butt a massage. lol i only catch and release ...more otherwise my mom would kill me. lol
    2. Jesse Chavez 1
      Mason for the most part of my fishing its about getting outdoors and enjoying nature , I seldom take home what i catch. To me fishing is all about the fight and ...more the fight between me and the fish . I have targeted all the species that the Dallas Ft Worth area has to offer at one time or another in my over 50 years of fishing , these carp not only come in over 10 lbs usually and give to a challenge because of their strong surges unlike any other fish i know or have access to ..I can only share my story about these great fish and would never takes ones life as you say just for the fun of it . the way i see it the next time i catch it it may have grown a few lbs and also i put them back safely for the next angler to have a chance to tussle with the Mike Tyson of fish hahah
    3. Mason Young 1
      the one thing i love to do tho is kayake in my bay and acidentaly run over one and it thumps the bottom of my boat and see the green algie all move in a big wave. ...more that is fun.
    4. James . 1
      In my opinion, they are actually pretty cute looking, but that is a really good catch! Definitely, one of my favorite fish to catch! They pull drag like crazy!
    5. Mason Young 1
      those r ugly fish, but good job can u come and take some out of our bay? lol they are invading us.
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