A photo of Christopher Pereira's catch

Caught By

Christopher Pereira
12/5/2020 8:06:00 PM

Check out the coloring on this rainbow!.... pretty funky, i’ve never seen one like it

Catch Details

Rainbow Trout
Raritan River

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Xzone mini tube

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy/Partly Sunny
NW at 13mph


    1. Christopher Pereira 1
    2. James . 1
      Beautiful one! It kind of looks like a brown trout with those colors...
    3. Looks like Captain Yappy Twan Twan touched it and erased all of the colors. He probably took them home and rubbed them on his Horse faced old lady because he never ...more caught a rainbow in his life. Bahahahaha
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      Really? I’ve never seen one with that golden hue, purple fins, and the black dots replaced by dull blue spots
    5. Chad Jaco 1
    6. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice Bow and other catches!
    7. Robert Coleman 1
      Awesome Chris! 👍👍👍👍
    8. Capt Morris Campbell 1
      looks like a normal Rainbow. probably a second or third year holdover
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