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Christoher Stewart
11/6/2020 12:18:00 PM

31 pounds 4 ounces. 40.5 inches. Getting my trophy class plaque from twra for this one.

Catch Details

Blue Catfish
Cumberland River (Old Hickory)

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Catch Conditions

SSE at 3mph


    1. Billy Givens 0
      Not sure if got any kids or grandkids that age but they will have a blast.. I got both lol grown kids 22 &24 grown girls 11 yr old baby boy, and a 14 year old ...more girl and a 5 year old grandson. Think I may take my grandson if his mom will go and help though lol
    2. Billy Givens 0
      Well Chris there all over Saturday is free fishing day and most parks around middle Tennessee have them just seen one is also in Hendersonville at the park up there, ...more kid's 5 to 12 can enter a tournament for the biggest fish, and us adults just get to enjoy catching the catfish they stocked. I know one thing most of the catfish is anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds but they stock a couple prize cats from 5 to 15 pounds even more than that. I remember ill say 10 yr ago the prize cat was being seen but not caught and it was a 50+ pound catfish. Check one of them out and get with me on here and let me know how you did or doing and i'll do the same.
    3. Christoher Stewart 0
      Where is the thing your talking about Billy Givens?
    4. Christoher Stewart 0
      Where at?
    5. Billy Givens 1
      Ah ok that's what I was thinking cause it's a private owned facility, I just think it was once stocked better than it is now day's because year before ...more last I went almost a week straight and didn't get a bite.. I know fishing and know it happens, your exactly right brother, but at times I think in order to cut down on loss of stock they intentionally drop chum, minnows,or whatever the stock was raised on from the retailer they got them from. But Im gonna pull some big ones out this coming weekend, come join us and it's free and a event for the kids under 12. Hope all is well Christopher again nice fish man
    6. Christoher Stewart 0
      It is the paylake. It wouldn't let me put that location. They don't feed them. But there's plenty of shad and bluegill for them to eat. As far as ...more them not biting.... its fishing, that happens.
    7. Billy Givens 0
      U look like your at the Gallatin pay lake. Nice fish anyway though. I went there 7 or 8 years ago my pole almost was a goner, and was good place then went summer ...more 2019 in evening 3 or 4 night's in a row didn't get a bite neither day. They feed them good up there as well.now day's
    8. john stimson 0
      fun catch
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