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Brooklyn Pytlik
10/29/2020 12:07:00 PM

First Non-Largemouth! What is it? White Perch? White Bass? Also the first catch on my Pflueger President (that only took 2 months 😅) and umbrella rig. Although I hooked one just before this and he bumped the boat and jumped off 🎣 I am better at losing fish than catching them 😂🤦✔️

Catch Details

White Perch
Kerr Reservoir

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Umbrella Rig
1 ft. 0 in. in.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
S at 7mph


    1. Fish Hunter 1
      WHite perch
    2. Brooklyn Pytlik 0
    3. Shawn Gearinger 1
      Doesn't looked like a white bass, like we have! I'm guessing it's a white perch! 🎣🐟
    4. Tod Fisher 1
      Right on lol
    5. Brooklyn Pytlik 1
      Yeah! Just leafed through the free DGIF fishing booklet and it lists Kerr as top waterways for white bass. But after reading their descriptions of the 2 fish, I'm ...more definitely leaning back to perch too. Either way, apparently white perch is really a bass and is familiar to white and striped bass, so I think it's okay either way! Lol
    6. Tod Fisher 1
      it looks like there ARE white bass in Kerr according to vadgif. so I was wrong bout that
    7. Tod Fisher 1
      well im no expert but still looks like a perch to me. all the white bass I've ever caught were a little thicker through the body, a littler more silver to yellowish ...more and faint stripes.
    8. Brooklyn Pytlik 0
      Hey Tod, I changed the photo to show another angle of the fish. Mind seeing if it still looks like a perch to you?
    9. Brooklyn Pytlik 0
      That's what I thought but then the husband looked up a bunch of stuff online about comparisons between the 2, so then I figured it was a bass. I'll switch ...more the label back to perch 👍 Glad someone finally helped ID it though!! 😅👍
    10. Tod Fisher 1
      thats a nice size one 👍 good eatin too
    11. Tod Fisher 1
      Thats a perch Brooklyn. as far as I know there aren't any white bass in Kerr
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