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Kyle Pack
12/31/1899 12:00:00 AM

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Hiwassee Lake

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2 lb. 8 oz.


    1. David Catton 0
      Yeah, I live a half mile up through the woods there, I fish both often in my kayak. Didn't know there was any smallmouth around, I have caught them where the ...more Nottely empties into Hiwassee, but never back up here. Thanks.
    2. Kyle Pack 1
      That's the dam that separates Cherokee Lake and Persimmon Lake. Honestly, I never knew Persimmon Lake was even a thing. Since it's just an expanse of the ...more Hiwassee Reservoir, natives have always just referred to it as Hiwassee.
    3. David Catton 0
      What lake are you on there? Doesn't look like Hiwassee.
    4. James . 1
      Nice smallie!
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