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Terry kremer
9/15/2020 7:00:00 AM

9/15/20: Shitved the stuffed moose and trusty side kick turtle had been all around the world and we were honored to have them aboard the Nemesis this morning. His handler Joe brought a great group of guys aboard to join in on the non stop action (Brian, Chuck, Matt, Jon). Once again we used our Raymarine Axiom to scan while running out to make sure we setup on fish. After the blow we probed the water with Fish Hawk Electronics to see if temps had changed. Top to bottom was 68 to 71 degrees. We dropped our Traxstech Corporation riggers down to 60' and before I could send out another rod we had a fish on! From there non stop action all morning. Fish were a little deeper than previous outings our FishUSA stealthcore tipped with Bagley Baits on 7 cores and Bay Rat Lures LXDs on 5 cores earned their keep today. 34 eyes and a nice steelhead made it to the net today. The processed fish made for a nice meat bucket reward!

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Lake Erie

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70 ft.


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