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Terry kremer
9/12/2020 7:00:00 AM

9-12-2020 Went out of Conneaut harbor today with some friends for something different. Took a long ride today, 49.1 miles total. The fish where supposed to be stacked up out at the 15 north line. We motored out to the 11 line and started trolling north. We had a good steady day of picking, and at times, had most of our lines out of the water because fish were coming in. We were out amongst the freighters for sure today, but never made it past the 15 line. A good day as we boxed our 24, but a long trip for sure.

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Lake Erie

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    1. Terry kremer 0
      Larger baits, find 58 to 60 degree water near bottom and fish that. I use a fish hawk x4d probe to find the best Temps. The raymarine axiom chirp sonar is the best ...more to find fish near bottom and separate them from the bottom. They can also be suspended in the water column, if that's the case it just takes putting in a lot of hours of work and some luck finding the right school of fish.
    2. J C 0
      how do you catch em over 10lbs there? seems like i cant break the 10lb mark

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