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James .
9/9/2020 2:03:00 AM

Out on Ray Hubbard today, fishing from a dock and pulled up a slab crappie, looks like they are moving up a little shallow now, it's going to be fun when the weather starts getting more cooler, most crappie are going to be up shallow.

Catch Details

White Crappie
Lake Ray Hubbard

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Catch Conditions

SE at 5mph


    1. James . 0
      Yes it sure is
    2. Layne Johnson 1
      that’s a really big crappie!
    3. Layne Johnson 1
      that’s a really big crappie!
    4. Jerry Hoffmann 1
      Which marina dock?
    5. James . 1
      Thanks, James Kasecky, it sure is a slab isn't it?
    6. James Kasecky 1
    7. James Kasecky 1
    8. James . 1
      Thanks, Scott, yeah it sure is, just a few more weeks the fishing is going to be way better.
    9. Scott S 1
      Wow...that's a nice one
    10. James . 0
      Ain't that a slab, belly full of shad and minnows
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