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Robert Coleman
9/7/2020 7:38:35 PM

Squirmy little booger made me feel like Chris!!!不不不不不不不不

Catch Details

Channel Catfish

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Live Bluegill

Catch Conditions

NE at 9mph


    1. Thanks Jenny
    2. Nice fish
    3. Nice fish
    4. Lmao不不不不 Thanks T!
    5. T Sen 1
      of all the ways to show off the fish you caught, that is definitely creative.....that fish sure has a nice tail....
    6. Thanks Melissa
    7. Lmao Bryan! 鳶不不不不
    8. nice one!
    9. Bryan Harper 3
      Lol! I think I better keep my mouth shut! Hopefully the fish did!
    10. 不不不不不不不 Wasn't gonna let him hit the ground!
    11. Not really sure why youre hitting yourself in the crotch with that fish... whatever floats your boat i guess
    12. Amen to that Ryan!
    13. Thanks James
    14. 丹儭 Of course Capt! Next time! 不不不不不不不
    15. Ryan Parker 1
      Good thing it dont have teeth
    16. James Daniel 1
      Great cat Robert!!
    17. Use the Pinkie Robert!!!!!!!不
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