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Jeff B
9/7/2020 2:00:11 PM

Caught my 1st EVER bullfrog! Then ANOTHER and ANOTHER! Finally hooked up on a LMB which is what I was actually fishing for...lol. Good morning all around.

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Glade Run Lake

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Yum Houdini Shad Pearl

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    1. Bruce Parker 1
      Wow! I never caught a frog except once with a night crawler and i was playing with him with the worm to see if he would take it. Glad you got that LMB. Nice report.
    2. Jim Holland 2
      Yeah, that's what I did, too, when I went. I was so shocked at how many were out in kayaks, fishing, I almost left before I unloaded a single piece of gear. ...more Seemed everyone was hutting the submerged trees. I focused on the weeds and shadowy banks.
    3. Jeff B 1
      Jim, you ain't kidding! 😂 There were so many people fishing down by the dam so I decided to explore a bit.
    4. Jim Holland 1
      🤣 Before I read where you were, I thought "Glade Run Lake". The shallows are infested with them.
    5. Rick S 1
      Pretty unique catch Jeff!
    6. Mark Merlin 1
      Your status as a legend continues to grow and grow.
    7. Drew H 1
      That frog is huge!
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