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Jim Holland
8/31/2020 11:00:29 AM

After a 2 week hiatus, I managed to get out on the water, today. Decided to check out Glade Run Lake. Was just reopened a couple seasons ago, and have never been there. I knew the bass are still small and growing, so my expectations weren't high. Started the day with about 4 dinks in the shallows, and made my way toward the dam, where they got a bit bigger. Finished the day with the biggest, at 16 inches, all the way back near the boat launch, for a total of 7.

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Largemouth Bass
Glade Run Lake

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    1. Drew H 1
      The little ones are still fun, 7 is a good day!
    2. Bruce Parker 1
      16" Nice catch! Biggest I got there was 14. Great bass fishing for sure.
    3. Rick S 1
      Nice work Jim!
    4. Mark Merlin 2
      I agree Jim. The weekends here are pretty busy. The same can be said for most lakes I think. With the virus, people want to get outside and fishing, kayaking, ...more boating are a great way to do it. While there are some 2 and 3 pounders in there, most days out won't be as rewarding as say going to Moraine.
    5. Jim Holland 1
      Thanks guys! Yeah, I had held off going there, since it was all pretty new, and the fish are small right now, but I wanted to try someplace new. Don't know if ...more I'd go back. TONS of fishing pressure. Those bass are getting a crash course in lures!
    6. Chad Jaco 1
      Nice job Jim!!
    7. Frank Yamada 1
      Nice, Jim. I’ve never fished Glade Run before.
    8. Mark Merlin 1
      Nice going Jim, wasn't easy out there today.
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