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Cat Slayer
8/12/2020 6:52:00 PM

Caught 4 White bass and 1 Freshwater Drum at White Rock Lake in front of the dog park in Dallas TX

Catch Details

White bass and Freshwater Drum
White Rock Lake

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1 ft. 1 in. in.

Catch Conditions

WSW at 9mph


    1. Cat Slayer 4
      Jesse Chavez, You are right, there were many sandies back then at white rock, but now the population has gone pretty low, I came across a decent school of these ...more I caught like 15 decent ones I let 11 go and only kept 4.

      Thanks for sharing.
    2. Jesse Chavez 1
      we used to catch those big sandies back in the 80s . they were mixed in with the crappie during the winter run in the creek . they were also in that size range . ...more the strange part is it wasnt every winter that some would be caught
    3. Cat Slayer 2
      what ??? I think the coordinates are wrong or something went wrong, but I caught these at White rock lake in front of dog park.
    4. Brad Howard 1
      Your "View On Map " is sending me to Lake Lavon.???
    5. Cat Slayer 1
      White bass are pretty uncommon at White Rock, but luckily I came across a few! With a bonus drum.
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