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Jim Holland
8/6/2020 12:23:19 PM

I noticed that, when fishing Old 422 Launch, I immediately head to the Lily Pad Field, right at the launch. Started to question that approach, so I took a different route and worked backward, today. Well, as luck would have it, the weeds were much thicker than I anticipated, and things also cooled down. Only one caught, all day, 1 hour in. Had half a dozen frog blowups in the pads, but none of them connected. Spent most of the day, hunting down that frog bute that never happened. Needless to say, I left, today, feeling aggravated and defeated.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Arthur

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Strike King 3XD
14.0 in.
5 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy


    1. Mark Merlin 1
      Upper is where I caught my 5lber.
    2. Jim Holland 1
      Haha! That's what I keep reminding myself, Drew! Mark, yeah, I had better luck in that area, earlier in the year. I though of checking out Upper 528, but decided ...more to go with what I knew. So much for THAT, huh? šŸ˜
    3. Drew H 1
      No skunk though!
    4. Mark Merlin 2
      Jim. I've had little success in that part of the lake this year. Both 528 launches are producing for me though. At Moraine, unless you can move around like ...more Rick does, Kayak fishing can be tough if you choose the wrong spot.
    5. Jeff B 1
      Days like this make us appreciate it when the bite is on. Next time Jim, I can FEEL IT! Thank you for sharing.
    6. Jim Mortell 1
      A day on the water is a day well spent....
    7. Rob C 1
      Iā€™m hoping for six frog blowups on Friday. Chin up Jim!
    8. jim lachut 2
      at least you got out
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