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Jim Holland
7/11/2020 11:30:31 AM

Rough day on Cross Creek Lake. Rained off and on, windy off and on, lost more than I landed, snapped my spinning rod in two, and almost snapped my jig and frog rod to a submerged wood slab. Caught the Bluegill toward the end of the day. Didn't understand why my popper was doing weird stuff after a missed bite. turned out, I didn't MISS the bite. He was just so small , I couldn't sense him on there.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Cross Creek Lake

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Catch Conditions

SW at 5mph


    1. Jim Holland 1
      You know what, Rick, you're right! Didn't think of it, but that's what seemed to happen at Cross Creek, too.
    2. Rick S 1
      Struggled at Arthur also, seemed like after the rain passed the fish took a nap.
    3. Jim Holland 1
      Frank, yeah I had this little blow up. thought I missed it, but popper kept doing something weird. Finally, I happened to just catch a glimpse. Damn thing's ...more about the size of the popper! Drew, I got there at about 6:30 and launch at the damn end. Didn't pull the popper out till around noon, when my main spinning rod snapped. Mike, the weeds are sort of in a patchy mode right now. Some areas look wide open, till you get up close, and see all of it just below the surface.
    4. Mike Schrier 1
      hows the weed situation? last I saw was mid die off. gave up going there til I know its cleared.
    5. Drew H 1
      Jim were you there early this morning? Saw a guy fishing a popper early on.
    6. Frank Yamada 1
      Those bluegills at Cross Creek can get really aggressive!
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