A photo of Rick Norton's catch

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Rick Norton
6/6/2020 1:00:00 AM

Catch Details

Chinook Salmon
Lake Oroville

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Buy Now Orange/Copper Speedy Shiner
2 ft. 0 in. in.
5 lb.
42 ft.


    1. castmy bait 0
      great photo! happy fisherman.
    2. Mike Mullen 0
      Hi Rick. Thanks for the info. I heard the most consistent bites are between Bidwell Point and the dam at 30-40 feet with wiggle hoochies behind a small sling blade ...more or dodger. Early mornings before the sun fully hits the water. Might see ya on the water someday. Good luck!
    3. Rick Norton 0
      just off Potters Point in about 65 ft downrigger at 42 ft. Trolling speedy shiners at about 3 mph.
    4. Mike Mullen 0
      Nice catch. Where on the lake and what water depth?
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