A photo of Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.'s catch

Caught By

Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
6/5/2020 5:20:11 AM

My cousin Lt. Mark a Fireman of Newark NJ with a nice Round Valley Reservoir Laker.

Catch Details

Lake Trout
Round Valley Reservoir

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live herring
32.0 in.
6 lb. 8 oz.

Catch Conditions

ENE at 3mph


    1. Thanks
    2. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice Laker! Thx for your service! 🎣👍🍻✌🏻
    3. Christopher Pereira 2
      Thank god for people like him since we have these rioting idiots destroying
    4. Salute to my Cuz for being on the front lines and putting out the fires that all of these IDIOTShave started.
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