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Jeff B
5/27/2020 8:30:39 PM

GREAT day for Black/White Crappie! Largest was a White at 14" and 1.25 lbs. Spent the morning using my 9' bamboo rod jigging. Afternoon, I switched to my 8' Zebco Crappie Fighter with a slip bobber. I'm STILL PUMPED!

Catch Details

White Crappie
Lake Arthur

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Silver Flake/White Tube on 1/32 jig
14.0 in.
1 lb. 4 oz.
10 ft.

Catch Conditions

SE at 7mph


    1. Kevin Rafferty 1
      great catch buddy I was there Saturday and caught 7 largemouth biggest was 17" all caught on a chartreuse green Rebel Crawfish crank bait.. Great to see nice ...more crappies 👍
    2. Jeff B 1
      Hi Chad! It's going to be beautiful out today. Best of luck to all of you!
    3. Chad Shirey 1
      That's awesome. Im taking my two grandkids and daughter to Arthur today.
    4. Rob C 1
      Clever. Thanks!
    5. Jeff B 3
      Hi Rob! Water was 10'. They were suspended about 5 or 6'. I made the floating livewell using a basket, pool noodle and some zip ties. Quick, easy project ...more that has proved useful.
    6. Jeff B 0
      Thanks guys. Very thankful for the meals they'll provide! Just got a recipe for "Crappie Balls". Gonna give it a try.
    7. Rob C 0
      Great day Jeff! the crappie were kind of deep at ‘10. where’d you get the fish holder?
    8. Rob C 1
      Great day Jeff! the crappie were kind of deep at ‘10. where’d you get the fish holder?
    9. Rick S 1
      Looks like a great day for sure! and some good eating! wtg
    10. Shawn Bobb 1
      I’ll be over for the fry!!
    11. Mark Merlin 1
      wtg Jeff
    12. Chris M 1
      I'd call that a successful day 🎣
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