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Jason Underwood
5/25/2020 4:55:36 PM

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Brookville Lake

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Mostly Clear/Mostly Sunny
SSE at 5mph


    1. J C 0
      tournaments are 1 day 1 time a month except for the championship. im new to walleye fishing as well and looking to learn more.
    2. Rodney Hayes 0
      I wish I could offer up some advice however not very versed in Brookville or the Walleye. Best I know is keeping the line wet and going after them. Should be better ...more Tuesday as their should be less boating.
    3. Jake Joseph 0
      Thank You for your Service!
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      that’s awesome! we caught quite a few crappies and white bass trolling along Egypt Hollow in 16-18 but not a single walleye. we pulled flicker shads, bandits, ...more crawler harnesses, Lindy Rigs with a minnow and of course jigs with half crawlers. not a single eye or catfish somehow. we caught a few walleye around the flat at Fairfield yesterday before it got out of hand with traffic. We are here all week. Any advice to offer that might help us find a few?
    5. Rodney Hayes 1
      I have not to date, I work as a Paramedic and work a 24 hour on 48 off like a firefighter. Sometimes its difficult to get off to fish them but do have an interest. ...more I am also new to Eye fishing as well.
    6. J C 0
      do you fish any tournaments?
    7. Rodney Hayes 0
      I tried fishing Saturday, it was nuts on the lake. Congratulations! What baits did you use?
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