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Pete Lyden
4/4/2020 9:50:27 PM

got my new PB Largemouth!!!!! great morning. 6 largemouth 1 smallmouth and 1 pickerel. this gal was 6 pounds 5 ounces. I'm still shaking....lol. such a hog

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Hopatcong

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jig w a craw trailer
6 lb. 5 oz.

Catch Conditions

Mostly Cloudy
WSW at 2mph


    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      Awesome fish, now if we can getthem to stop weed killing!
    2. I know that feeling all too well.
    3. NJ Squatch 0
      Man that place is stacked. Nice prespawner
    4. Pete Lyden 0
      thanks everyone. still shaking lol
    5. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      congrats on the PB👍
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome Pete! Congrats on PB!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    7. Debbie Ferguson 0
      Congrats on your PB! Nice fish!
    8. Bryan Harper 0
      Beauty! Congrats!🎣🏆
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