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Debbie F
3/13/2020 3:16:37 PM

Caught 4 this size (15 inch) and 30ish total before the front moved through. Hot pink 1/8 oz Rooster Tail.

Catch Details

White Crappie
St. Peters

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Worden's Original Rooster Tails
15.0 in.
1 lb. 13 oz.

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    1. Debbie F 0
      Thank you much Chad! ☺
    2. Chad M 1
      that is a stud!! nice catch Debbie!
    3. Debbie F 0
      Haha! You know if Bill. Thanks! 😁
    4. Bill Fussell 1
      hail to the sac-au-lait Queen 👑
    5. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Bryan!😁
    6. Bryan Harper 1
    7. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Melissa!
    8. Nice catch!😀😁
    9. Debbie F 0
      Thank you George and Shawn!
    10. Nice one Debbie!!!🎣🐟
    11. Nice
    12. Debbie F 1
      I do not doubt you one bit Robert! Bet I could get some bargain flights now too! Thank you 😁
    13. Awesome Crappie Debbie.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 When you get with Morris to the Everglades, you will have so much fun with those Oscars, you won't even think about the ...more crappies! Experience talking! 😉👍🏻
    14. Debbie F 0
      Capt, I need to fish those Everglades!!! I wasn't aware they held big ol Crappie too. Future trip for sure. Thanks!
    15. Debbie F 0
      And thank you other Scott too!!
    16. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Scott!
    17. too. dang phone 🙄
    18. Nice pic to Debbie 😎
    19. Nice!!!! I was catching those in the Everglades Thursday and Friday. Oscar fishing
    20. Scott Schulte 1
      nice one. again!!
    21. Scott Sorrell 1
      Very nice
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