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Chris Conohan
8/18/2019 3:12:08 PM

Sorry for the repeat post - this is submitted to the Brag Board for consideration. Personal best for me. Such a beautiful creature. I could see it swim up, look at the lure, and take it. Neat to actually see it.

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Lake Mendota

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38.0 in.
13 lb.


    1. Tony Callies 1
      Nice! Lot of nice Pike on the Madison lakes this August! Now I gotta get one!
    2. Michael Butterbrodt 1
      Nice Northern Chris!!!
    3. Chris Conohan 0
      It did well. It was caught on the near shoreline and didn't have to fight. I got it back in the water pretty quickly. If my son were there, there'd have ...more been a few more photos. i didn't want to risk anything over posed pictures. It swam away nicely after that.
    4. Tony Callies 0
      Nice Pike! Did it release ok?
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