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Chris Conohan
8/17/2019 9:05:40 PM

Personal best for me. Such a beautiful creature. I could see it swim up, look at the lure, and take it. Neat to actually see it.

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Lake Mendota

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38.0 in.
13 lb.
3 ft.

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    1. Tom Griep 1
      Brent, that's a bonafide northern, brother! Beautiful fish Chris!
    2. Chris Conohan 0
      A tiger muskie would be fun to catch. Just curious what makes this a tiger muskie?Looking at the markings, their directionality, and the fins, it looks like a Northern ...more to me. But I'm still fairly new to this and may be wrong. Catching a tiger muskie would be fun!
    3. Brent Holman 1
      That Is A Tiger Muskie Folks...I Made The SAME Mistake Last Year September (On A White Rubber Grub Thing I Made Out Of A W/Rubber Worm & A Weighted Hook)
    4. Kent Mathews 1
      way to go!!! thats a nice Northern
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