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Christopher Pereira
8/13/2019 3:43:00 AM

My buddy wanted to have his bachelor party in Milwaukee, WI.... so naturally i booked a fishing trip with a legendary guide, Eric Haataja. Of course, our luck put us on the toughest bite of the last two weeks for him, but we ended up with a nice catch in the end. Caught cohos for the first time and the bachelor caught his first salmon and some big ones at that along with his PB laker. The tiny smaller fish pestered the hell out of us, but was def a good time!

Catch Details

Coho Salmon
Lake Michigan

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    1. His last day fishing ever hahahaha
    2. Mike Apsey 1
      Congratulations to all! Good luck to the poor bastard! HAHA
    3. Ill let you know, i think my friend wanted to do the au cable or something like that
    4. Erich Senft 1
      plus it would be awesome to fish with ya ! keep me posted
    5. Erich Senft 1
      if you go to the triba message me...I pretty much spend all fall on the manistee and surrounding tribs...big fish in small creeks : D
    6. The cheese curds were fantasmical! all the food was great... pleasantly surprised! Milwaukee is a great city honestly. makes NY look like a hell hole haha
    7. idk Erich, Ontario is in driving distance to us haha. i've seen the beasts lake michigan has but we just didn't get to experience it unfortunately this ...more day, i might be traveling back to the michigan tribs to catch the late fall ll atlantic salmon run though we'll see!
    8. NJ Squatch 1
      Looks like an awesome trip. How was the cheese?
    9. Buddy Pierce 1
      nice work!!! good to see you guys in the mid west.
    10. Erich Senft 1
      nice trip ! once you go Lake Michigan you never go back : D
    11. Robert Coleman 1
      Sounds like a great time! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    12. Nice work Chris!!! 👍
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