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Jeff B
8/11/2019 12:30:40 PM

Did not expect to hook up with this Pike. BIG thank you to my fishing partner Chris M! WHAT A RUSH!!

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Lake Arthur

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Heddon Baby Torpedo (Frog)
35.0 in.
10 lb. 8 oz.
2 ft.

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    1. Jeff B 0
      Thanks Frank! I know YOU know what it's like when you're fishing for bass and end up with a big, toothy predator on the end of your line. A few extra minutes ...more are required to make sure you leave with all your fingers...and your lure!
    2. Frank Yamada 1
      Nice, Jeff. I bet it took a while to land it.
    3. Jeff B 0
      Thanks guys. It was truly one of THE best experiences I've had this year...and yes Shawn it took me for a ride. YEE-HAW!!
    4. Mark Merlin 1
    5. Shawn Bobb 1
      awesome!!! did he take you for a ride
    6. Rick S 1
      Nice one Jeff, that have to be a fun catch!!
    7. Chad Jaco 1
      Nice one Jeff !!!
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