A photo of Mike Teroske's catch

Caught By

Mike Teroske
7/15/2019 3:37:37 PM

We were so surprised that we caught this in the Gulf of Mexico because previously only thought that alligator gars lived in freshwater.

Catch Details

Alligator Gar
Port Aransas

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3 ft. 0 in. in.
8 lb. 15 oz.


    1. Mike Teroske 2
      yeah let’s just say when this fish came out of the murky saltwater it was much of a surprise. definitely a first
    2. Cindy Abel 2
      I was fishing in the bay last year, and my friend and I both hooked one at the same time!
    3. Rob Anderson 1
      from what I read recently, they prefer quiet brackish water. but you can only believe half of what you read anymore

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