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Isaac Switzer
5/23/2019 4:20:00 AM

Guys...need your help on identifying a somewhat-accurate weight on my NEW PB! (all-species). Measured him at 37 inches. Biggest fish of my life to date!

Catch Details

37 Inch Flathead Catfish
Neighborhood Pond

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    1. Ronald Howell 0
      Flat Head. Very good to eat.
    2. Ronald Howell 0
      Flat Head. Very good to eat.
    3. Charles Spiker 0
      Nice fish length is good but anorexic for flathead. Never seen one that skinny, he is under 20 for sure I'd say 18 or 19 lbs
    4. Grant Potter 0
      That's a thiccy. Still tho look at my profile pic. What you just caught was nothing compared to what I've caught
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      my friend caught a similar sized fish and i think it weighed around 20-22lbs
    6. Kenneth Olivo 1
    7. Will Stewart 1
      31 lbs 7 oz
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