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Eli A
5/23/2019 2:31:33 AM

Fishidy please don't remove. Got back to my truck after an hour of fishing and someone tried to break into my truck. My buddy's truck got hit too. Sketchy area around Sheldon. If I were you I'd park on the street

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Sheldon Lake

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    1. Eli A 1
      It was at the ramp. I'm pretty confident the wannabe-thief had a spotter. Some sketchy dude was sitting up above the lot not fishing or anything. Gives his bud ...more a call when the truck owner is gone and the coast is clear. I read this happens on TKF website but didn't think it would happen to me. Didn't have anything valuable in sight
      This really sucks man ! my son and I fish out here all the time. Being a state park I'm wondering where all the Texas dept. of wildlife game wardens are ,been ...more going out there for 3 years and have yet to see one unless you go into the park by the nature trails !
    3. Will Stewart 1
      pitiful man, sadly this happens alot to us fishermen