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Pescetto Bass Fishing LLC
5/22/2019 11:58:47 AM

5/22/19 Got out this morning before work 6AM-11. Caught 2 awesome fish. The first one was a 4lb 14oz🎣 at 7:58 this morning. My 1 -2 🥊 🔥Bluegill Fresh🔥 and @reactioninnovations been working great. When I finally netted the fish after an awesome fight, I 🗣 so loud I think everyone on the lake heard me. Went to another spot and at 9:28 caught a 3lb 8oz🎣 on the 🔥Bluegill Fresh🔥 Have video of weighing it and it’s release. Will post after work. Check out the website ❌Can make 1/4oz 3/8oz 1/2oz 3/4oz and 1oz❌ ***************************************************** 🎣 Bladed Swim Jigs custom made/SOLD at⁣ https://www.pescettobassfishing.com *****************************************************

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Loch Raven Reservoir

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Reaction Innovations
4 lb. 14 oz.