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Rhett J
4/25/2019 3:11:15 AM

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Black Crappie
Lake Jackson

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live minnow
1 ft. 3 in. in.


    1. Rhett J 0
      Aldo Rosado, right at 2 lbs
    2. Rhett J 0
      Also Rosado, Kevin Drum, I've only fish from dock of a friend's friend house on Lake Jackson. Very slow, but yielded a few big crappie, and a few large mouth ...more bass. I enjoy wetting a line though
    3. Aldo Rosado 1
      When I fish for Crappie in the river I have a honey hole, but sometimes they are not there. They move constantly in the river from place to place. So what I did ...more was do some bass fishing for about 3 hours and then came back to the honey hole and their they were. Once you learn their running ground you can wear them out or they will wear you one.
    4. Rhett J 0
      Kevin Drum, I'm still looking for the spot
    5. Rhett J 1
      Aldo Rosado, it was 2lbs. you are on it!
    6. Aldo Rosado 1
      15 inches? Wow, I d' say that puts her about 2 1/2 lbs. give or take Nice Crappie
    7. Kevin Drum 1
      Way to go. You may have located my spot...lol
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