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Pistol Pete
2/18/2019 1:34:26 AM

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Northern Snakehead

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8 lb. 9 oz.


    1. Pistol Pete 0
      I've pulled crawfish and small kill fish out of them. Never any bass, I know the MD DNR, you can not posses a live one on your boat. If you want to keep it, ...more you have to kill it. But you can release it where you caught it. Some other states and govt agencies my say different. Check your local laws
    2. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Pete I'm pretty sure it's like a must do thing to kill them!..they are not native to the u.s they eat everything!
    3. Pistol Pete 0
      Lower Potomac
    4. Pistol Pete 0
      Only kill them if your keeping, they are delicious
    5. Kenneth Olivo 0
      I hear they taste good!
    6. Todd Houck 0
      Were did you pick that giant up at?
    7. Neal M 0
      They are bad
    8. Brian Oglesby 0
      Is that an invasive species? If so kill every one you catch.
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