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Elisa T
4/23/2019 4:02:35 PM

Biggest catch I was able to hand release on Easter! 😅🤦🏼 Lost two bigguns but was still rewarded with many of these smaller guys. Had to stop for bbq dinner on the way home to take the sting off. Also, my nail and selfie game are lacking right now. 😓

Catch Details

Rainbow Trout
South Platte River

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    1. OMG!!!!
    2. only one pinkie visible Morris...
    3. Rich Pardy 2
      LOL Chris!! Awesome pic as usual!!
    4. Noah Shapiro 2
    5. Hey plain nails and pinky fully visible Chris!!! Very nice Elisa!!!
    6. Elisa T 0
      😁😁 Thanks Robert!!
    7. Even without the painted nails.... sill fridge worthy Elisa!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    8. hahaha JK!
    9. Elisa T 1
      😂 hush Chris!
    10. plain nails...eh, swipe left
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