A photo of Kari Lynn's catch

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Kari Lynn
4/11/2019 4:00:29 PM

Though this was not my catch, I felt it worthy of the post. Go ahead Uncle Jay. Get some! And maybe just one time you’ll disclose your spot. I am your only niece you stubborn ass.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Keystone Lake (Keystone State Park)

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    1. Jesse Cuppett 0
      nice bass!
    2. You Tell him Kari Lynn Catfish
    3. Christopher Pereira 0
    4. Kari Lynn 0
      Thank you for the moral support, gentlemen, I too, thought it a tad Bit savage on his part.
    5. Kari Lynn 0
      That's ok, Uncle Jay, waitll you see the Muskie I'm bout to rip out of the Allegheny River.....we can play Marco Polo til you find me! Lmao. Who's your ...more favorite and only niece now, ya chump?
    6. If you were my niece I would take you to all of my spots. Come on Uncle Jay take her there.
    7. Brad Devore 0
      My dad lives in Dallas TX and I go down and take my boat and him fishing which is a 11 hour drive for me . We fish lake fork all the he time and he will catch bass ...more over 10 pounds every time my personal best off fork has been 9 pounds so I hear ya Kari
    8. Christopher Pereira 1
      hahaha that's savage, won't even tell his own family!?
    9. Capt Morris Campbell 1
      Come down here for a visit Katfish. You can blow that bass up:)) NP
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