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Jay Kuciak
4/9/2019 11:18:45 PM

Had two Muskies on today. Had one foul hooked on for a while before it came loose. The other one I thought I snagged the bottom and started to pull the kayak close to it before it slowly rose from the depths and took off and threw the hook. The one was about 35” and the second one was over 40”. Kinda glad they got off tho,I don’t have a net and honestly the second one scared me a bit.

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Lake Arthur

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red eye shad


    1. Dennis Phillips 0
      Initially, id be thinking "Great, awesome a Muskie. Then, as I got it closer to my kayak I'd be thinking "crap, now what?!" Haha. Nice work
    2. Jay Kuciak 0
      Thanks! I live like 5 minutes away from the old 422 launch so I mostly go there. But I also like both 528 launches and McDaniels. I launched from old 422 that day.
    3. Jason Milnes 0
      Very cool! Where do you put in on Arthur?
    4. Steve . 0
      Do you happen to know the water temp? I plan to go out tomorrow at some poin
    5. Jeff Beers 0
      All those teeth! I wouldn't have been prepared to do anything but hope they did what they did with Nice hooking up on 'em though. I bet they got ...more the heart going!
    6. Rick S 0
      Good to see you had some action...planning on giving it a try in the next week or two depending on the weather.. can't wait ...
    7. Jay Kuciak 0
      Yeah man just being on the water with the sun shining does wonders for the seasonally depressed. Bring on the fishing.
    8. chaz koutsourais 0
      I know what you mean about being glad they came off. I had a very similar experience in my first ever boat (12 foot 1967 sears, trolling motor only) slowly trolling ...more 50 yds offshore north of 528 bridge.. thought for sure I caught a tree at the bottom, then then the tree came to life and finally getting it next to the boat had no idea what I was gonna do (around 35"-40") it gave one last thrash and smacked the lure of the side of the boat and got free. And at that moment was the best possible scenario lol... glad fishing is back.. awesome few months infront of us
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