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Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
4/8/2019 1:58:00 AM

Trying to rush to finish a job. Yes I was using a push stick. I reached down after making the cut to power down. The small piece of wood kicked back and like an idiot I tried to stop it and hit the blade spinning at 5000 rpm. My research discovered my finger hitting the blade was like a car hitting a block wall at 1000 mph. So my fishing will be hurt for a while as well as my work. I need a handyman or carpenter in my area to help finish scheduled jobs.

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Budd Lake

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A Table Saw


    1. Sorry to hear that Neal. Get well
    2. Neal M 1
      I cut my finger bad today also
    3. Oh I'm going fishing this Sunday. I went back to work the very next day. I'll just have to reel with my right hand and hold the rod with my left. I banged ...more it at least 5 times everyday at work. Bills never stop so I have no choice.
    4. Bryan Harper 0
      Damn! Get well!
    5. Jack White 0
      Did that with a new razor blade in a utility knife doing the soffit on my house. Jumped off the square and filleted my finger down the bone to the second knuckle. ...more Worse part about it was the needle the doctor put under the nail on the part that was left. Good luck. You will be back fishing soon
    6. Thanks everyone.
    7. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Ouch!!! It's surprising how much a finger can heal from though. I had a metal cutting fiber disk come apart on a grinder one time and take the tip off my ring ...more finger. Nail fell off and was ugly for a few months but pretty much looks normal now. Can't feel the tip still though. I hope it heals up good for you!!!
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Holy Crap Arty! Not good brother! I hope they can save the whole thing and you have a speedy recovery! I'm sure Chris will take over for you! 😁
    9. Over twenty stitches and they had remove the fingernail. Going tomorrow to see the plastic surgeon and hopefully they can save the tip
    10. Scott S 0
      Looks like that needed stitches
    11. Neal M 0
    12. Scott Schulte 0
      F. Not good. Heal up fast buddy
    13. Graham Kemp 0
      dang, hope it'll heal soon!!
    14. Daniel Mitchel 0
      Get better soon!
    15. Kenneth Olivo 0
      I hope you get better man!
    16. NJ Squatch 0
      Oh sh*t dude. Hoping for a quick recovery. Maybe capt no a$& can help?
    17. Ben Kraus 0
      Hope you heal quickly Arthur.
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