A photo of Truman White's catch

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Truman White
3/22/2019 4:53:58 AM

I don’t know how much it weighed but there’s my guess

Catch Details

Common Carp
Lake Wingra

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5 lb.


    1. Mike Rudnicki 0
      carp rule! good job! I love getting them on a fly rod!
    2. Truman White 0
      @jonathan burton I love carp fishing as well. It's really under appreciated
    3. Jonathan Burton 0
      Unlike most people in the us. I love carp, and I don't belive they are as harmful as people say. They are smart and gentle fish, but man do they fight! Good ...more catch man
    4. Wade Bowles 0
      Nice catch. I'd say that fish would go every bit 5lbs. Congrats
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