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Angel Angler
3/20/2019 1:53:41 AM

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Goose Lake

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    1. Chris Dixie 2
      Pike taste great here in Ontario especially in the winter wrap them in tin foil with salt pepper lemon lil bit of garlic and bam best tasting fish with the best ...more texture
    2. Randy M 1
      Nice pike. They're really good smoked. I've done it
    3. Jeremy Nelson 1
      same spot tonight buds! 50 degrees, lets get em!!
    4. Angel Angler 1
      that's my babe!
    5. Tom Brack 1
      Nice fish. Fillets or pickling, it''l be good either way.
    6. Wade Bowles 1
      Nice Pike. Good work!
    7. Jeremy Nelson 2
      whadigagiddumon? Nice fish bud!
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