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Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
3/18/2019 12:50:00 PM

Apparently people driving by saw me hauling in Crappie on every cast so the next day I showed up there were Russian and Polish guys all over the place. I don’t mind fishing with them except for the fact they keep under sized fish and everything they catch. I hope greed catches up with them. I still managed to catch this 14 inch Crappie right under their noses 👃

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Lake Hopatcong

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    1. James I have my own business but rarely have time to fish as much as I want to
    2. there's only one rule in life for us and that's make time to do what we want...we want to fish so we make it so!
    3. James Rath 0
      What career do or did you have that allows you to have this much time?
    4. can we citizens arrest them? oh wait no, it's a sanctuary state now...
    5. NJ Squatch 2
      They are a scourge on LH. They leave their trash on the ground. Think we need to do a citizens patrol.
    6. Thanks Dug
    7. Dug Nevius 1
      I hate those kinda guys. Bucket fishermen. Everything goes into the bucket. Great crappie, though.
    8. I haven't ever seen a game warden bother them. They had NY license plates. Next time I will take a picture of the plates
    9. The place I usually am fishing during the crappie spawn is inside a state park and I'm usually still trolling the banks in the area when the game warden walks ...more up and starts measuring their fish.
    10. NJ Squatch 0
      I wonder what would happen if we were to confront those jackholes
    11. nice slab bud, we going to kill it even harder today :))
    12. we've called fish and game a few times and they've never showed up yet...pretty discouraging.
    13. Wayne Locklear 0
      855-648-8477 F&G
    14. David Smith 0
      Throw them in the lake!!!
    15. We have a hotline in Kansas to report people I call it all the time in the spring when I see people loading up on undersized fish.
    16. Getting bigger
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