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Rob O
1/22/2019 12:46:42 AM

23.5 “ spot sea trout , one of many that day

Catch Details

Spotted Seatrout
Gulf of Mexico (Florida)

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swimbait plastic

Catch Conditions

NE at 7mph


    1. Rob O 0
      Good Luck Melody!!! The trout seem to be on the bite right now , make sure you get a pic when u do get some ! :)
    2. Melody Stilwell 0
      Ready to get on some of those myself!
    3. Rob O 0
      Gm and yes sir , it took a little while to learn how to catch fish down here but now I'm HOOKED !
    4. Rob Anderson 0
      Looks like you are hooked on this great Florida fishing now
    5. bob mauuro 0
      Nice catch
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