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Ron Chrisley
11/12/2018 11:53:45 AM

Catch Details

Striped Bass
Lake Murray

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    1. Ron Chrisley 0
      I recommend your friend watch.. The Old Fisherman on YouTube..
      Here's a good friend, & knows how to catch fish.. Very Instructional..
      Later.. thanks
    2. Ron Chrisley 0
      Y'all ever see my boat on Murray, wave me down.. We'll share info & tell Fish Tails..!
    3. gordon lewis 0
      Thank you for the information I will be in touch with you after we try to get some 😎😎😎😎
    4. Ron Chrisley 0
      I have a friend that had been catching White Perch on triple rigged jigs near Wessinger Island at Hilton Rec. Landing.. He also uses GULP SHRIMP ON 1/8oz. jig heads..
    5. gordon lewis 0
      Nice striper,,,a friend lives near Lake Murray, and would like to catch some white Perch,,can give me some ideas on Murray??? Thanks
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