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Mitchell Fagan
11/7/2018 11:07:00 PM

We were fishing off a point on land and were lucky to get a good strike then reeled the Bass in.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Sidney Lanier

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Catch Conditions

E at 7mph


    1. Thanks for the kind words Mitchell:)
    2. Thanks again Capt, just checked out your site, WOW!!! and Unbelievable!! You are truly the man to know about Fishing. Thanks very much for your comments, especially ...more for a long-time novice that I am.
    3. It's still a really nice Bass!!! Nice work
    4. Yeah wasn't sure of the weight, fishermen always go for the bigger size, ha ha
    5. It's a nice bass but won't make 10 lbs. congrats
    6. Nice fish!!
    7. Nice bass!!
    8. We didn't weigh it, but the feel of it was around 10lbs.maybe or more, it's belly was very big and fat all around and was wide as your hand outstretched
    9. Nice fish! He's got a belly too. Did you weigh it?
    10. I forgot to say that upon reaching the shore our Service Dog Ripple got in the water and grabbed the fish with a large bite. You can see the bite marks in the Bass, ...more luckily the fish survived and we let it go moments later.
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