A photo of Kevin McCarthy's catch

Caught By

Kevin McCarthy
8/9/2018 7:10:00 PM

I caught it on a joe fly

Catch Details

Golden Trout
Pine creek

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    1. Kevin McCarthy 0
      Thanks guys !!
    2. Brian Quisenberry 0
      That's a monster golden!! Never seen one near that big
    3. Bryan Harper 0
    4. Kevin McCarthy 1
      Thanks you can see them but they get spooked really easy which can make it chalanging I only caught two in my life time but most anglers dream of catching one
    5. Tasha Larsen 0
      Well great job! I bet you could see it well in the water
    6. Kevin McCarthy 0
      They don't stock very many of these fish 1 in a 1000
    7. Tasha Larsen 0
      I didn't even know there were golden trout! Very pretty
    8. Bryan Harper 0
      Beautiful fish!
    9. Kevin McCarthy 0
      Explore pine creek there are a lot of good holes (thanks everyone)
    10. Nick Bridge 0
      that is an absolute beauty of a fish though
    11. Nick Bridge 0
      over near LaRoche? I fish pine up by north park for little channel cats and crappie, only been out this way for one trout season, trying to learn new spots/streams ...more in general
    12. Kevin McCarthy 0
    13. Nick Bridge 0
      pine creek near north park?
    14. Noah Shapiro 0
    15. Gabriel Baker 0
      My dream fish!!!
    16. Darrell McNeal 0
    17. Robert Coleman 0
      Gorgeous fish! 👍👍👍👍
    18. Ryan Grubbs 0
      Beautiful catch!
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