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Christopher Pereira
8/9/2018 5:39:00 PM

here's another average one from the other day...unfortunately my friend Mike had something huge hooked up and it just kept peeling drag off his spinning reel....i warned him to go with the baitcaster. it's easier to reel against them pulling and keep their head up. if they get their head down then they get their tail in the line and wrap it or smack it too much.

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Lake Trout

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xzone swammer


    1. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice one Chris!👍
    2. yes! about 24inches, average size of what we jig up.
    3. Rick S 1
      Thats average? very nice!
    4. Sounds like a Shamu story!!!! LMAO Robert... there it is!!!!
    5. Max L 1
      Nice fish
    6. Robert Coleman 1
      Live and learn! HEY..... Morris, I found his chartreuse shirt! He wore it on the wrong day!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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