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Nick Bridge
7/10/2018 6:02:00 PM

First walleye that I ever caught, in all we managed a 4 person limit. Not bad for my first time.

Catch Details

Lake Erie

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2 ft. 0 in. in.
6 lb. 8 oz.


    1. Nick Bridge 0
      we had a wedding in DR and it took my time and extra money this summer, not sure if we are making a trip to Michigan or not until next summer, I will certainly reach ...more out if we come.
    2. john stimson 0
      nice shirt also
    3. Erich Senft 0
      Yeah I live off the fluoro for sure. Heading out again tonight Nick got me itching lol :) nick are you coming up for salmon run or what buddy ? Lol let me know if ...more you wind up interested :)
    4. Nick Bridge 0
      thanks Page, it was the biggest of the day too.
    5. Page Berkholz 0
      That's a dang nice first Waldo Nick!
    6. Joel Norikane 0
      Hey Erik here at leech lake fluorocarbon rigs are key, just a possibility???
    7. john stimson 0
      Nice eye
    8. Greg Geist 0
      Nice haul
    9. Greg Geist 0
      They have been hitting spoons hard!
    10. matt badger 0
      Way to go....
    11. Joel Norikane 0
      Way to go!
    12. Nick Bridge 0
      not sure if Erie and Michigan are much different, but the boat I was on yesterday has limited pretty quick each day for a week straight. I only made it out once ...more as it is 2 hours from where I live, but we hit the final 13 (15 if you count the shorts) in the last 30 minutes.
    13. Erich Senft 0
      I'm still stuck with one dink while my dock neighbor limited out again for the second time in a week : / dammit I'm bottom bouncing and a crawler harness. ...more What gives ! Lol nice job man
    14. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice fish!🎣
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