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B. Cole
6/24/2018 12:50:00 PM

Rio Grande Chichlid. I only posted as a sun fish because they didn't have a category for Chichlid. Very rare this far north in this body of water. I think they are considered highly invasive and destructive species here. Anyone correct me if Im wrong, but I think these are supposed to be "removed" from this area. I let her go this time, but will contact TPWD about destroying future catches of this chichlid. Distinctive by the bright turquoise spots and three lobed fins at the back.

Catch Details

Hybrid Sunfish
Lake Dunlap

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Rooster tail
4 ft.


    1. Jamie Michelle 0
      Taylor correct your English n quit being so "corrective" with everyone. its an app to post for fun. have fun
    2. Taylor Glover 0
      fixing to correct you til i'm read the details! beauty!

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